Featured Canadian Animation Videos

Animatic T.O. Talk by Kris Pearn
In December of 2013 Animatic T.O. presented guest lecturer Kris Pearn (Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs II).

In November of 2015 Animatic T.O. presented guest lecturer Robert Valley.

Animatic T.O. Talk - "It Ain't Rocket Science - Tips and tricks for a scalable pipeline" by Robert Anderson
In February of 2014 Animatic T.O. presented guest lecturer Robert Anderson.

Animatic T.O. Talk - "Designing with Geneviève FT"
In March of 2015 Animatic T.O. presented guest lecturer Genevieve FT.

Animatic T.O. Talk - "Don't Pitch a Buyer, Pitch the Audience!" by Mark Mayerson
In March of 2014 Animatic T.O. presented guest lecturer Mark Mayerson.

Additional Canadian Animation Videos