"The Stranger" - Adapted from Gord Downie’s album and Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel

“The Stranger” is the first full chapter and song of The Secret Path. Adapted from Gord Downie’s album and Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel, The Secret Path chronicles the heartbreaking story of Chanie Wenjack’s residential school experience and subsequent death as he escapes and attempts to walk 600 km home to his family.

The film will be broadcast by CBC in an hour-long commercial-free television special on Sunday, October 23 at 9pm (9:30 NT) and streamed worldwide at cbc.ca/secretpath at 9pm ET.

The ten-song album and 88-page graphic novel by Jeff Lemire are both available for pre-order at secretpath.ca

Directed by Justin Stephenson. Compositing done via his Even Steven Inc. studio.

Animation by Solis Animation Inc., Brian Evinou, Richard Truong, Yuliya Boublikova, Greg Zajac, Pasquale La Montagna, Michael Linington, Ruben Gatbonton, Max Haig, Cory Bobiak, Sean Janisse, Tammy Langton, Stephen Robert Sloan, and Corey Stokes.

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