"Truth or Daring - The Canadian Federal Election Cartoon" produced by Barnabas Wornoff

Fundlebundle is back with some politics! Barely! VOTE!

What does one seek in a leader most? Truth? Or Daring?

Synopsis: The most competitive and enthralling Canadian federal election EVER ends in a three way tie between the Conservatives, Liberals And NDP’s, and only a highest stakes round of Truth or Dare is fit to choose the next prime minister.

Today's big topical mess of not-entirely-safe-for-work cartoonery is brought to you by these guys:

Written by: Dan Smith & Barnabas Wornoff

Directed and Produced by: Barnabas Wornoff

Voiced by

Linda Kash

Megan Murphy

Lily Mills

Luke Foster

Dan Smith

Barnabas Wornoff

Animated by

Steph Braithwaite

Sam Braithwaite

Aaron Lecours

Katherine Ellsworth

Kevin Cato

Barnabas Wornoff

Design and Build by

Aaron Lecours

Sam Braithwaite

Steph Braithwaite

Barnabas Wornoff

Music by: Mike Binsted

Opening Music by: Sam Allison

Storyboarded by : Barnabas Wornoff

Photos courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository


  1. Thanks for posting Grayman! Heck of a post as always. Now to finish part 2! Zooooooommmm


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