"The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson" by George A. Walker

The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson is a wordless narrative written in wood with 109 wood engravings. This video is based on the book which follows the life of Canadian landscape painter Tom Thomson until his mysterious death in Algonquin Park in 1917. If you like this video you may like to own the book it's based on. Canadian art historian, researcher, curator and author Tom Smart has written the introduction to this original book work. The book is available in both a popular edition from The Porcupine's Quill and in a limited edition of 39 numbered and signed copies.

A visual elegy told in 109 wood engravings by George A. Walker.

Created & Directed by George A. Walker.

Music & Sound Design by Neil Exall.

Animation by Clem Hobbs.

Video Edit by Clem Hobbs.

Produced by Janice Walker.

Wood Graving Animation 
7 Minutes, 58 Seconds