"CRAVE" by Archit Ramesh

CRAVE from Archit Ramesh on Vimeo.

Crave is a short 3D animated film about a squirrel trying to access treats sequestered in a cooler. The main character appears to be a cross between Scrat, from Ice Age, and Wile E. Coyote, from the Road Runner series.

Crave was animated over six months at the Vancouver Film School while Archit studied 3D animation and visual effects.

Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Environment Modelling: Archit Ramesh

Music by: 5alarmmusic.com
Squirrely rig courtesy of: Josh Burton, David Andrade

Created by Archit Ramesh
Website: architramesh.com

Animated Short Film
1 Minute, 41 Seconds