Artist - Gwyneth Mitchell

Gwyneth Mitchell is an animator and designer who works from home in Kitchener Ontario. Gwyneth has worked on many television shows, E-Cards and most recently, games.

What part of Canada are you from Gwyneth?
I grew up in Waterloo, Ontario.

What inspired you to create animation?
When I was little, my Dad would record all sorts of things off of television onto VHS tapes. There were a few films I watched over and over again. I still will watch them every now and then. Watership Down, The Last Unicorn, The Secret of Nimh.

My Grandmother was also an artist and we painted together whenever I was over at her house.

How would you describe your artistic style?
I tend to draw in a lot of different styles, depending on what the project calls for.
When I draw for myself, I would say my style is somewhere between cartoony, and realistic, possibly a little dark? But not all the time!

"skateboard girl" Part of some poster art I did for last years Animation Festival in Kitchener.

"Blood Moons" Cover art I did for one of my Mom's books.

"Flies Lament" An illustration I did for a friend's book of poems.

Can you share a piece of work or script no one has seen before?

This is a scene from a music video I am working on for a local Folk artist named Richard Garvey. The video will be for the song “Barflies”.

What role do you play in the creation of animation?
Typically, I’ve been an animator but lately I’ve been doing more design. I love each equally.

"Butterflies" A drawing I did after reading an article about mutated moths and butterflies being found around the Fukushima power plant.

"Chalk" A drawing I did after reading an article about children in the states being charged with vandalism for drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

What is one project you were proud to work on?
I have three which always stand out for me, because not only were they high profile projects, but they were also the most fun and rewarding. They also had the best crew to work with making it a great experience. Happy Tree Friends (Fatkat Animation Studios/ Mondo Media), Ugly Americans (Solis Animation/Augenblick) and Tom and Jerry (Pip Animation Studios/ Warner Brothers).

What projects are you working on now?
I’m working on creating a music video for Richard Garvey, from start to finish. It will be my first personal project since college! I’m also working full time at Cupcake Digital, who makes apps and games for little kids.

Who is one of your favorite Canadian animators?
Kaj Pindal would have to be my favorite. He was one of my teachers at Sheridan, and I feel so lucky. He’s a remarkable person who worked on some films which contain controversial content that is risky now, let alone when it was produced. I’m thinking of one he showed us about young boys in Mexico being coerced into prostitution. I can’t remember what it was called, and I can’t find it on the internet!

What is one of your favorite books?
I love The Art of The Lion King; I reference that book quite a bit!  I also have a Sketchbook by Claire Wendling, but I don’t think it’s in print anymore.

Who is an up-and-coming or relatively unknown Canadian animator that everyone should check out? 
Ha ha! I hope I am an up and coming animator! I’ve always worked for other people, but I’m starting to change that.

Are you involved in any animation organizations in Canada?
I am not. Strangely, I’m involved in organizations which are not artistic at all!

To see more work from Gwyneth, check out her website.