Artist - Matt Mozgiel

Matt Mozgiel, cartoonist. I always remember drawing, it's always been something that I enjoyed doing and wanted to grow at.

Matt Mozgiel
Now I'm doing it for a living, so that seems about right. I'm based in Toronto currently, because my dog lives here, but I'm eager to go and see the world and work abroad for the right opportunity. Hollywood holds a lot of allure for the industry history there, Europe for the art and actual crumbly building type history there.  

What part of Canada are you from Matt?

St.Catharines, Ontario

What inspired you to create animation?

Laughter is always a good source of inspiration.

"Playing around with expressions while figuring out a character."

How would you describe your artistic style?


"Concept piece that I'm still pretty fond of.  Silouhetting came out nice in it."

"Heavenly body."

Can you share a piece of art work or script segment that no one has seen before?

What role do you play in the creation of animation?

I have worked professionally as a Character/Prop designer mostly. But have also worked in layout, background painting, and some concept design work, as well as pitching a few of my own ideas for shows.

"Playing around with expressions while figuring out a character."

What is one project that you are proud to have been involved in?

That I can talk about yet? It was a tremendous kick to work on "Tom n Jerry" last year in layout. Pretty cool to work on a show with characters you grew up with.

What projects are you working on now?

Currently I'm working on "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" (season 2), as well as some development work.

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?

There are too many to just pick one.

What is one of your favourite animation books?

I've been looking for a copy of "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold" again lately.  I drew a bunch from that at the tail end of highschool.

Amazon Link - Donald Duck finds Pirate Gold!

Who is an up-and-coming or relatively unknown Canadian animator that everyone should check out?

Shaz Lym - I was in a class with Shaz a few years back.  Every time his stuff pops up it's a treat to see.  Phenomenal talent, helluva nice guy.

Are you involved with any animation organizations in Canada?

Not officially, I do go out and check out the workshops and exhibitions when I can tho.

Have your films won any animation awards/accolades?

I have yet to make my own film/show, when I do, should it win, I'll let ya know.

What are some of your animation milestones?

I have pitched and been optioned by a studio. And at TAAFI in I was one of two selected to pitch in front of an audience, which was fun.

Matt Mozgiel pitching his show concept at the 2013 Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI)
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)

Have you been interviewed about your animation work before?

Yes, on Animation Insider.

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