"To Be" by John Weldon

Blending fantasy and reality, this animated short is a bold inquiry into an as yet unresolved problem - the nature of human identity. When a scientist creates a machine that can make copies of physical objects, including humans, a number of ethical questions arise. Is the technique moral? What of its safety? A film by Oscar-winning filmmaker John Weldon (who also wrote the catchy banjo tune that punctuates the story's changing moods).

Animated Short Film
10 Minutes, 5 Seconds


Director: John Weldon, Script: John Weldon, Animation: John Weldon, Music: John Weldon, Producer: David Verrall, Animation camera: Jacques Avoine, Robin L.P. Bain, Pierre Landry, Sound Editing: Jackie Newell, Voice: Kim Handysides, Howard Ryshpan, Re-recording: Jean-Pierre Joutel, Shelley Craig