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"Crack Duck" by Danny Lacy

Crack Duck is an adult animated web series created by Danny Lacy and animated by Stephen Sloan. This series is being produced by Blue Ant Media and Mondo Media as one of the Bite on Mondo projects. There are two episodes out right now and you can watch both of them below.

Show Description
Crack-Duck is a depressed, down-on-his-luck duck trying to deal with his many neuroses and social anxieties in a surreal, bizarre world, while also handling his tenant's problems as Apartment Manager of the infinitely tall Grungetown Towers.

Crack Duck - Pilot (Ep #1)

Crack Duck - The Pursuit of Sadness (Ep #2)

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Created by: Danny Lacy
Written by: Danny Lacy
Animated by: Stephen Sloan
Storyboards by: Evan Lewis
Backgrounds by: Francis Amadeus
Music by: TA2 Sound + Music
Mix by: TA2 Sound + Music

Crack-Duck: Danny Lacy
Skiltch: Brian Crosby
Zqiygyxz: Meryle Evans
Trisha Baldwin: Dana Gadsden
Grub: Keith Habersberger
Jeff: Ned Petrie
Additional voices: Ned Petrie & Becky Harris

Crack Duck Game: "Crack-Duck's Identity Crisis!" -


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