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Artist - Marc Beurteaux

Marc is an animator, designer and filmmaker living in the deep woods near Marmora, Ontario. Marc has animated on TV shows such as, "Glen Martin DDS", "Celebrity Deathmatch", "Rick and Steve", "Jojo's Circus", "Little People" and "A Miser Brothers Christmas".

Marc animating on Jojo's Circus

He has made several award-winning films such as "The Last Feast" (2008), the all-Lego animated film, "Robota" (2005) and "Tous Les Deux" (2001). Marc currently works as a conceptual designer for the Nick Jr series "Julius Jr". When Marc isn't working he enjoys cutting hay with a scythe and surfing Lake Ontario.

Marc would like to thank the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and NFB for all their help over the years

Marc Beurteaux

What part of Canada are you from Marc? 

I was born in Perth, West Australia, but have lived in Ontario for a long time: Grimsby, St Catharines, Toronto and Marmora.

Marc and his band

What inspired you to create animation? 

It was the realization that you could create worlds within your own animated films. It's incredibly addictive to see what comes out of your imagination.

How would you describe your artistic style? 

Rough 'n' ready.
Marc's personal animation studio
What role do you play in the creation of animation? 

In my own films - I do it all, but I leave the music and sound editing up to the experts. Commercially, I do animation and design.

What is one project that you have been proud to have been involved in? 

All of them!!!!! I've always had the blessing to work with such talented people.

What projects are you working on now?

Commercially I'm a conceptual designer for the Nick Jr series "Julius Jr".
When that wraps, I'll go back to work on a short animated/live-action puppet film that I started years ago and NEED to finish.

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?

Martine Chartrand - a world class act that's so talented it makes you wanna cry.

What is one of your favourite animation books?

"Anima Animus Animation: Between Film and Free Expression" by Jan and Eva Svankmajer

Amazon Link - Anima Animus Animation; Between Film and Free Expression

Who is an up and coming or relatively unknown Canadian animator that everyone should check out? 

Malcolm Sutherland - he is at the very pinnacle of imaginative filmmaking.

Are you involved with any animation organisations in Canada?

The Toronto Animated Image Society.

What are some of your animation milestones?

Finding a Super 8 camera at a garbage dump I used to work at, using that camera to make "Tous les Deux" (2001), and then attending the Hiroshima Animation Festival because "Tous les Deux" was accepted!

Have you written any books or blog posts about animation or Canadian animation?

I used to have a Blog with the Wildsound Film Festival.

Have you films won any awards/accolades?


* Best Art Direction - Chicago Short Film Festival, Chicago, IL, USA
* Best Canadian Film - Resfest 2005
* Best Animation - Deep Fried Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
* Audience Award - 24 Hour Film Festival, New York, USA
* Outstanding Achievement Award - New Haven Underground Film
  Festival, Hartford, CT, USA

Tous les Deux(2001)

* First Prize: Spazio Immagini Competition, Morbegno Film Festival, Italy,
* Special Acknowledgement: Best Film/Video Relating to Black
   Experience/Marginalised People, 27th Black International Cinema
   Festival, Berlin  and Dusseldorf, Germany, 2002
* Runner-Up: Best Animation, First Glance 5, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2002
* Humanitarian Award: Toronto Online Film Festival, Canada, 2001

Marc with the Precious Award


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