"CRIME: The Animated Series - Marcus McGhee" by Style5 and Lambert Films

Marcus McGhee, a school teacher in Hartford Connecticut, tells the story of when his car was stolen and the police did not help him.

The animation is a combination of hand-drawn, pencil on paper, paint and digital paint and composite.

Series Director: Alix Lambert and Sam Chou
Produced by Lambert Films and Style5.tv
Animation Director: Sam Chou
Editor: Sam Chou and Alix Lambert
Designer: Freddy Carrasco
Animator: Freddy Carrasco
Sound Design + Mix: TA2 Sound + Music
Interview conducted by: Alix Lambert
Based on the play, Crime, USA, Hartford, by Alix Lambert

Produced by Style5.tv and Lambert Films

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Animated Web Series
4 Minutes, 19 Seconds