Artist - Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray is a freelance storyboard artist who has been working in the Canadian animation industry since he graduated from Sheridan College back in 2010. Between the years of 2011-2014 he was the co creator of the podcast series 'Guys With Pencils' which he co-hosted with his friend and colleague Adam Hines.

What part of Canada are you from?
I'm from Ontario. I've moved around a few times within the province as a kid. Ottawa, Toronto, Oakville, Cobourg/Grafton, & London.

What roles do you play in the creation of animation?
I started out doing Storyboard revisions but my current role is being a freelance board artist. I get the scripts emailed to me from the studio and I spend about a month making them into sequential story panels. These panels then get turned in to an animatic or a leica, and it helps with the overall process of shaping what the final episode will look like.

The Day My Butt Went Psycho! (Nelvana)

What is one project that you are proud to have been involved in?
One Project I've been proud of was the Podcast (Guys With Pencils) I co-created. It was a personal project that involved interviewing and documenting the local talent from around Toronto, then expanded out to people all over the globe. It was a great time getting to meet and make friends with a bunch of really talented artists and creative people.

Guys with Pencils

What inspired you to create animation?
I like cartoons. And I liked to draw. I wasn't a great student in school, but the drawing aspect really seem to stick for me.

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?
Hands down, Cordell Barker! I first saw the Cat Came Back when I was maybe 5 or 6 and it was playing up at the Ottawa museum of Civilization. I just loved the train track sequence where the guy is running over all the people without even blinking an eye but when he see's a cow on the tracks he goes "What the FFFF---". So good.

What is one of your favourite animation books?
I tend to rotate on a lot of animation books, but the one that Im really enjoying at the moment is "The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design" by Maurice Noble & Tod Polson.

Amazon Link - The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design

Image Source: Cartoon Brew Book Review

Who is an up-and-coming Canadian animator that everyone should check out?
Justin Chan. He's a current Sheridan student who is making amazing stuff.

Are you involved with any animation organizations in Canada?
Officially? Im not sure...Ive done some speaking at panels for TAFFI and I also run a Toronto based lecture series called Animatic T.O. A local gathering of animation artists who hang out in a bar and listen to a topic presented by a local peer.